How To Build Powerful EDU Scholarship Backlinks

Everyone knows that the backlinks from edu websites are high-quality links that sometimes show worth and trust. To most of the people edu is just another top level domain, but to SEO experts those three letter means much more.

What are EDU Scholarship links?

EDU Scholarship backlinks are the links which are obtained on website domains with EDU extension. EDU links, have authority and trust in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

How to get EDU Scholarship links?

One of the simplest ways to induce .edu sites to link to you is to offer the Universities something of value. In my experience, offering  general scholarship is one of the best way to get .edu links. You can provide value to the students of the school or colleges you hope to receive a backlink from by creating a scholarship.

Now we will see the step-by-step process to get EDU Scholarship links:

  • Create a scholarship page

The first step is to create a page on your website, that describes the scholarship. It must include the introduction of your website. Also, you should explain all the details about the scholarship like why this scholarship is important, how to apply, award amount, deadline and eligibility criteria. Also include the email address on which applicants can contact you. You can find more about it on

  • Find University webpages that link to scholarships

You can use search queries to search for scholarship webpages.  I have described some of them below. “scholarships”

Site:. edu  “outside scholarship”

Site:. edu scholarship links

  • Contact the Universities to let them know about scholarship

After creating the list of scholarship pages, find the contacts through which we can reach these universities and approach them for our scholarship program. Create the email format and when you find a scholarship page on a .edu site that is good fit, send them email.

If you do this right you can turn a single $500-$1000 scholarship into dozens of .edu backlinks. So, if you plan to build EDU links with this strategy and searching for someone to do it, then your search is over. We can help you to build your EDU links, just email us on info[@]techscrunch[dot]com