What are snov.io Email Drip Campaigns And Why To Use Them?

Email marketing has crossed milestones over the years, and finally, the technological advancements have taken over. Automation tools have replaced manual work and drip emails are the best way to do email marketing hands down. They are automated emails sent to subscribers when the particular action over the message is taken. As a rule, these actions are opening an email or clicking an embedded link.

When choosing the best drip campaigns tool, you need to know a lot of details. So let’s have a look at what Snov.io Email Drip Campaigns are and why to use them.

Drip campaigns types and their benefits

Email drip campaigns help people in providing them with the right information at the right time. Drip campaigns can be used for various purposes, and in general, we can divide them into two large groups: cold drip campaigns and warm.

Cold drip campaigns are the email campaigns the primary goal of which is to automate email sending in order to nurture potential clients and request them for a demo or registration and lead them to perform a particular action on your website. Warm drip campaigns are sent to registered users leading them to conversion.

What is great about any type of drip campaigns is that both of them are highly targeted and personalized. Personalization variables are great. On the one hand, they make every email look different and they become less suspicious to the ESPs. On the other hand, people are more favorable to personalized messages: they open such emails more often and the CTR and conversion rates are much higher compared to bulk emails.

The strategy of drip campaigning is using the cold drip campaigns for new users, and after they have accepted and registered, convert them into clients.

Email Drip Campaigns are beneficial for online marketing, and the best part is that they are entirely automated and triggered by the user’s interactions with your drip emails.

The main question arises: why are they beneficial for businesses? Well, studies show that email drip campaigns increase the produced revenue up to 18 times. So they are really worth trying.

Many email drip campaign services exist but which one to trust? Which is the best drip campaigner out there? Fret no more, Snov.io with its Email Drip Campaigns tool will lead you through email marketing automation in a matter of minutes.

What is the Snov.io Email Drip Campaigns tool?

Snov.io is the best Email Drip Campaigns tool out there, and the best part is that it’s completely free of cost. Surely, there are paid plans if you have more recipients and need to send more emails a month. Snov.io helps you save time as the email sending process is completely automated. It helps you in creating personalized emails that are sent automatically depending on the user’s actions giving you control of your workflow.

Snov.io guarantees skyrocketed sales and gives you the total control on your drip campaign making it very easy and efficient. You can easily create a sequence of emails with the help of the built-in campaign editor to perfect your drip campaign.

You can set the time to send emails and update the timer when it is necessary; add triggers between emails that convey a specific email to the user based on the interaction performed by the user. You can also set delays in sending follow-ups when the interaction takes place.

Snov.io also helps you in getting notified of the success of the campaign by displaying statistics and graphs showing detailed data and track key metrics.

What Makes Snov.io Different From Others?

On the Internet, many drip campaigning apps exist but how to choose the one which is as effective as Snov.io? On the other hand, why search for something as good as Snov.io if you can simply use it? Here’s a short list of reasons why Snov.io is better compared to its competitors:

  • It provides premium features at an affordable cost. All the features are free to use even when the free plan is used. The platform is the best solution for small and mid-size businesses.
  • The tool lets send personalized automated emails relating to the clients and nurturing them. Snov.io has played a significant role in removing bad name given to email marketing by not bombarding customers with spam but by convincing them to buy the product by relevant, highly-personalized, and timely sent emails to subscribers.
  • There are some tools that offer a sequence of emails limited in the numbers of emails. Though Snov.io is not of that kind. You can add as many emails in the sequences as you need.
  • Another great advantage of Snov.io is that other tools except email drip campaign are included.
  • You can add multiple email accounts to send emails to leads. This means that you can share one Snov.io account with other team members.
  • Snov.io gives its users the opportunity to use email and campaign templates. This will save you time on the one hand and support when sending the first campaign on the other hand.
  • Snov.io is one of the rare platforms that provide a drag-n-drop editor.

Snov.io should be the primary destination of any small or newly started business not only because of the features it’s providing but also because of the low prices it’s offering. Snov.io notes the user’s interactions and sends an email at a scheduled time, giving you total power over your drip campaign.

Talking about scheduled time for emails, the Snov.io team also remembers the importance of the time zones, as on the internet, people from all over the world are to be targeted for the product at the right time.


The best way to increase your sales and revenue on an online business is by getting an email drip campaign and getting the best one out there. As you can see, Snov.io helps you in nurturing your customers by sending them drip emails regularly. They are personalized and pre-set to be addressed at an appropriate time scheduled by the marketer. Also, they provide guides to lead you through the process of building email campaigns to skyrocket sales to the maximum extent.

So get on their website and start campaigning!


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