5 B2B Industries Who’s Content Marketing Took Next Level

For the entire business to business world and especially the marketers. Content marketing has become one of the finest and greatest ideas to get the customers to be engaged with them as well as getting the best attention of their customers. Content marketing works well because it is engaging, attractive and could be used to make the different strategies to be implied in it to make the contemplation on the purposes of marketing with effectiveness.

In the recent times since the digital marketing has taken over the world, we can see a number of changes to happen in the field of marketing and the same has made companies and brands to now think differently. Segmentation and targeting have been made more accurate which gives the marketers a better chance of persuading the customers and the potential customers.

Here in this blog, we have mentioned 5 business to business brands that have taken the content marketing to be level of maximum creativity and innovation in order to get the benefits of this technique to be brought in their business.


The computer technology sellers Lenovo is one of the leading brands of the industry. Their constant urge to make the contemplation on increasing their brand’s awareness took them to come to the content marketing. They made a consideration on using the same in order to get their purposes of marketing to be achieved. They had a clear mind that their buyers are people who are in the field of computer sciences and have proper knowledge of their area. In reference to the same, they progressed on making the content to be informative as well as actionable which could then be used for making the informed buying decision. The same was posted across multiple channels and made an impact on their business.

With around 252 articles they brought 308K link clicks from with 170K were from the web users who were new. This overall gave them an attributed sales of $30M in just about 9 months.


Hubspot again is one of the businesses that targets the other businesses and one of the main targets that it has got is small business and organizations. The company had tremendous in the market until they came up with something amazing to beat their competitors all ends up. They were an inbound marketing software and only a few people knew about it. Thus, they contemplated on educating people about the inbound marketing rather than promoting themselves and integrated their business among that information which made people come on their page or website while searching for inbound marketing. This gave a major boost to the business of HubSpot giving it a valuation of $1 billion from $80 million in just a few years. Their main strategy was to post blogs, organize and telecast webinars and make the contemplation case studies in order to provide informative content.


Salesforce are the leaders in the industry of CRM products and their basic problem was in creating website traffic and lead generation to which they came up with the idea of using content marketing to make the contemplation on eradicating this challenge for the business. They came up with the idea of capturing the attention of the customers and for that, they used innovative and entertaining content to be created. Their idea worked well and their fun videos, engaging posts, and such other content brought more than 80 percent increase in their web traffic as their posted content was then liked by the people which then turned towards the home page of the sales force.


eWorldTrade is one of the premiers in the business to business platforms. They contemplate on bringing the manufacturers and buyers to be brought closer. With an elongated manufactures and suppliers directory they had a chance to make an impact in the market and then they used content marketing as their medium to achieve the same. In content to this, they worked on creating the content that was full of information and help to be provided to the potential customers through their customers. This again made them able to contemplate on increasing the visits on their website and bringing the business to their organization.

Lead Pages

It is a company that sells mobile-optimized landing page templates. The small size of the company and the competition against the giants like Infusion soft was one of their major challenges yet their idea to come up with content that could be used to gain the attention of the customers took them to the success. They created engaging blogs to make the contemplation on bringing the attention of the customers to the business which was then converted eventually into sales.

These companies made the progressions on content marketing and we can see how they have made an impact on their growth and sales.


Author: Dominic Lester

Dominic Lester is working as a senior content contributor for eWorldTrade. His previous experience includes content writer for Digital Agency. His passion lies in writing articles on different niches which include some of the most innovative and emerging software technologies, digital marketing, businesses, and so on.

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