How to Use Social Media for Growing Traffic and Sales

Have you ever noticed how a city planner exactly knows how to get the traffic inside and out of the city? Social media traffic is a lot like that. Compare each roadway to the city a channel/source of visitors on the website. In the said scenario, the traffic that social media is definitely a giant pillar to your very own highway structure. Entrepreneurs are turning to social media marketing strategies to boost their sales and traffic.

However, engaging people via social media marketing strategies can actually be tricky. It becomes even more complicated when you are trying your luck with paid advertising and have a limited budget. Having a subscription to one of the AT&T cable packages doesn’t mean all your social media tactics and strategies will be free of any cost. You will have to invest in paid social media marketing too. While it can boost traffic to your website, how would you get people to visit your social media channels and pages?

Let’s figure out how you can make social media a major source of getting traffic to your website. If you have a great and impacting presence on social media, you can achieve steady traffic from social media channels to your website.  Let’s discuss them.

Inspire and Lure Your Audience in with Visuals

We all know that first impressions count! People do judge the book by its cover on social media. And you should be aware of it. That’s why visuals have a special importance in the social media industry. Visuals are catchy and engaging. They catch the attention of the visitor in an instant. In addition, visuals make descriptions much more understandable and help visitors comprehend the shared information. A survey shows that the social media posts, which have visuals (images or video), achieve 650% more engagement than the posts with the text-only format.

Also, the presence of visual content makes people more sure about how valid their purchasing decisions are. People become more confident about their purchasing decision if they get a chance to see images, demo or videos of their chosen product. The likelihood of making a purchase goes up to 85% when they see a video instead of big, monotonous chunk of descriptive text.

Master the Instagram Game

Did you know that around 80 million images and videos are shared each day on the Gram? When it comes to visuals on social media, Instagram is the king! It is perhaps the best avenue to show your creativity in visuals. But, you have to be creative with designing your visuals because of the insane competition. And you cannot let your creativity go low because the image-sharing game on Instagram is really strong. Come up with engaging and creative images and videos and witness the visitors pouring in like rain.

Entrepreneurs have business setups of every size have reported an increase in engagement on Instagram. As compared to the other social media networks, Instagram gets almost 4.21% engagement. Usually, you get most of the comments within a couple of days of posting the visual. This shows the clear impact of Instagram visual content.

Work creatively on making visuals to stand out and break the monotony. If designed innovatively, your visual content can speak volumes about your brand and products/services.

Here are the must-haves of your visual content:

  • High-end photography
  • Visuals telling the whole story
  • Creatively-designed layouts and bright color combos
  • Products and services presented with a different perspective in a new light
  • Well planned
  • On point, consistently

Make Good Use of Social Media Plugins and Buttons

Social media buttons and plugins can be of great use. Make your visitors share your posted content. Social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and others allow users to highlight any part of your content and share it on their social media pages. You can also include mobile-friendly social media buttons. They will not distract the readers while they scroll down the posts. A survey says that most of the readers only read halfway. This gives you a little freedom to optimize these buttons in the right place to be noticed.

Produce Content that is Shareable

Are you by any chance unaware of the usefulness of the mobile-friendly versions of every app? Every entrepreneur and marketer should recognize the importance and potential of mobile-optimized apps. According to the social media surveyed data in 2013, almost 65% of the time spend on social networking sites was on a smartphone- the mobile-optimized social media apps. 40% of the news feed stories and posts were read on a mobile. This proves that this is a mobile age and you have to mold your business strategies as such.

Your content should be simple and understandable. Not to mention shareable. On mobile versions, the share buttons have to carefully places. Because they are pivotal to driving traffic via social media. And hear it loud and clear; they will only share what they like. Come up with innovative and creative content. Take inspiration. Be different. If you have a subscription to one of the Spectrum TV packages, you can take inspiration from famous movie quotes and even commercials. They will give you a new dose of creativity every time with the content that they use.

Good luck!


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