5 Amazing Tools To Make Your Content Shine With Visuals

To implement a content marketing strategy effectively, you need to understand the types of content that can add value to your blog or website. A powerful combination of images and text can attract more visitors and bring more leads. However, a creation of such type of content takes more time and more efforts. But if you really intend to improve your blog or website, you need to know how to use visuals in your content.

Several years ago, it was enough to provide only text content or only visual content. But today, this approach has no sense as your readers are more demanding than ever before. Besides, usage of visuals has supplementary advantages:

  • you can exemplify your words
  • you can support your words
  • you can add action to your content
  • you can reach a bigger audience
  • you can promote new ideas

If you have decided to make a step forward in your marketing strategy, get acquainted with several effective tools that will improve your content with different types of visuals.


The first thing that comes to mind when we are talking about visual content is images. An image is any picture or photograph that you can insert into your blog or website. It can also be a picture or a drawing. Everything depends on the goals and your intentions. Images are a powerful tool that is perhaps the easiest to choose and find. Besides, many images do not require inserting a copyright sign. Pay attention that it is always better to use copyright sign to any picture that you use to avoid problems with ownership. You should also add your own copyright if you use your own pictures.

If you are a popular blogger, it is better to find options to create your own images. The best way is to take photos or to use content from your Instagram profile. Using of personal images also adds personal impact to your site what makes it more trustful and reliable. Images have a strong impact on people. When a person sees a picture, he believes that everything is true even if he does not read your words. Additionally, images help catch the attention and keep it attached to the subject.

There are several resources that assist in creating and choosing images. If you prefer to create your own pictures, use Canva. To find free images, use Flickr or Morquefile.


Video content goes viral. It is used in all social media; there are thousands of apps that can enhance your videos. For your site, you can use different types of videos: short or expanded ones, reviews, small talks, FAQs, how-to videos, animated videos, or videos with testimonials. Again, the type of video depends on your goal and the general idea of your site. For example, if you sell some goods, a review of your products serves perfectly for your marketing goals.

The positive impact of video content can be proven in numbers. The recent studies show that a landing page featuring video content has 86% better conversion than a page without it. As for the inbound links, pages with video have 300% better results.


If you want to catch the attention of your readers without additional expenses on videos, use infographics. Of course, this is not the cheapest way to provide information, but it has a huge number of advantages and can be implemented in different types of sites.

Infographics can create a perfect visual display of the information that you want to provide.

Also, infographics is perfect to provide the results of the researches. Even if we read a text that is clearly divided into paragraphs each explaining the part of the research, it is still difficult to perceive the information. You need to define the key idea and data of each paragraph.

Infographics can be effective if you create a proper design and use the most important data. The design should strongly support the idea of your research. You need to choose the right colors, fonts, and shapes.


One does not simply create a perfect post without a good idea. Using memes in proper situations, you can evoke more loyalty and expected emotions. Of course, memes are better to use in blog posts. If the memes are inappropriate for the niche of your website or the tone of voice that you use, it is better to keep using images and infographics. If your TA is young people, you can use memes without hesitations.

They can be a little bit provocative – youngsters appreciate this style of communication. Gone are the days when the communication with your readers was limited by the journalistic style. Take it easy: your readers look for the live experience and discussions. Talk to the readers as if you talk to a friend and use memes to add fun to your ideas.


If you want to enhance your blog with a strong content, use presentation. Today, presentations have the same effect as any type of other visual content. Moreover, in some cases, it can bring even better results for your marketing promotion. For example, if you have a business blog, a presentation will attract more visits than a simple text and image content. Using Slide share, you can create an efficient presentation within a few moments.

The requirements for a presentation are very high. The design should be superb, but it should not distract your visitors from the content itself. The text content should be very clear and express your thoughts clearly. However, if we compare a presentation and infographics, the first one allows using bigger paragraphs and expanded texts. The headings should be catchy and show what exactly you are going to tell at each slide.

Visual content can help you reach the audience and make it discover more about your blog. Generating visual content, you can resonate with your people and find new approaches for raising brand awareness. Use only reliable sources for your infographics and presentations, high-resolution images, creative memes, and videos that express your ideas.


Author: Priya Panwar

Priya is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst, a leading mobile app development company which provide best iOS app development and Android app development Services.

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