Best Online Colleges That Offer Laptops

Raising the necessary amount of money to purchase a modern laptops can be overwhelming to many students.

To assist the students in alleviating such financial strains, online schools that offer laptops have begun programs that guarantee students free laptops in addition to other precious tech perks. The universities have initiated programs that award incoming students either a new laptop or a tablet. Students are offered favorable discounts on tablets, laptops or loan devices during their first entry to the university. Most universities other than giving free laptops, they also offer complimentary and discounted software, mobile phone plans such as cloud storage or software training.

This article highlights the best colleges that are providing laptops and tech perks.

Western Kentucky University

This online training university has alleviated the burden for students in need of notebooks by providing much-discounted devices. The campus has a store where eligible students are issued discounted Apple or Dell computers. The computers are designed and customized to match all the current tech school requirements. This is significant in enabling online students’ access as much resources of learning as possible. The university also has an initiative that caters for financially crippled students by giving them free refurbished Apple computers upon completion of a minimum of 40 community hours of service and submit an application.

University of South Florida Main Campus

It’s among the largest universities in the State with many of its students receiving financial support. The university has therefore collaborated with Bell Techlogix to issue students with discounted laptops and accessories. Through the program, students can buy laptops which they can fully possess after graduation. The computers offered by the school significantly meet the required standards for online studying.

University of Southern Mississippi

This is among the most affordable universities in the US. The school offers students with computers whether online or on campus as long as they meet the school requirements before being permitted a laptop. For online students, they’re required to have a high ability to operate high-speed internet, run the Windows operating system with a high processing rate. Eligible online students can purchase laptops at the universities southern miss store. The awarded computers come with a one-year warranty.

Appalachian State University

The campus has stores with adequate computers for online students. Students are free to buy refurbished or new laptops mainly of Dell and Apple models. These computers are designed to meet all online study requirements. Other laptops, App state also issues reasonable discounts on software like Microsoft Office 365 and warranties.

University of Nebraska- Lincoln

Nebraska University is among the best universities with a comprehensive online study program. This is because over 60% of the entire population of the school come from far away or have full-time jobs so commuting becomes a big issue. The students have an option to buy laptops from the universities hockert store. The university also offers other computer accessories at a discount. Another option the students have to get a laptop is through the school’s equipment checkout program. With this option, the students can even borrow laptops for a maximum of seven days at a time after which they’re expected to take them back and borrow once again if need be.


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