3 Trends that Could Define the Mobile Phone Industry in 2019

2018 is going away with its entire glow; it was an average year for the mobile industry. But, 2019 is right around the corner, and we hope it will introduce some unique phones with innovative yet useful aspects. With that said, following we will discuss how this New Year will improve on some current trends.

The Gaming Phone Dilemma

The term “Gaming Phone” has taken over the internet. Even the Best Branding Companies around the world can’t get enough of it. Gaming phones at best offer to improve performance with rugged casing and better heat management. They are not a game changer. 2017 introduced us to a dedicated phone, called the “Razor Phone.”

Asus followed suit and introduced the “Asus Rog Phone.” Apart from the gaming aesthetics, they had not much else to offer. Currently, most phones handle game pretty much the same way they do. But we hope 2019 will oversee some major improvements.

Notch Styles

Raymond Wong of Mashable says the Era of Hole Punched Phone begins, and it may put down the notch!

Notches have been a thing ever since iPhone X broke the scene! Some bear with it, while others hate it. It doesn’t matter whose side you are on; the Notch story will have a new chapter in 2019. No doubt it was among the biggest issues of smartphone users in 2018. Many brands tried to fix the issues by making it slide or introduced sliding cameras.

In 2019, we will see a mobile phones with rather interested notch-design (for instance, water drop notch in 2018) and even hole-punched display. The new Flagship of Samsung will introduce “Infinity O” display. The hole punched notch can be somewhat bearable for many of us. It minimizes or nearly hides the notch for a better display experience.

More Cameras

Rayna Hollander of Business Insider while discussing why phablets will become most popular phone-type by 2019 argued that people would want more camera lenses in their phones.

Dual Camera Setup was not invented by Apple; the company just popularized it recently. However, it seems the competition is heating up, and people want to move forward from two cameras. This has made room for multiple camera setup.

It’s a good move; it will make room for different features like Portrait Mode, Portrait Lighting, Optical Zoom, and Wide-Angle Shots. More cameras are supposed to improve the user experience and their final shots instead of cramming more lenses in a phone.

Many upcoming phones are supporting five camera setups. Some brands are going overboard and trying to fit a 16-camera setup in their phone. But is this useful or borderline insane?

If these additions translate to more features like wide angle, telephone lens, depth mapping, better portrait shots while improving the overall quality of the photo, then yes, it’s a pleasant change. Otherwise, this is just big brands competing with each other for the ultimate glory. This would end up costing the consumer.


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