Challenges In SEO For Startups

A search engine recognizes the level of a website through Domain Authority that is determined by various factors like the quality and quantity of backlinks provided, developing internal links, periodic updating of the website and so on.

Besides having a decent domain authority score, number of daily site viewers also matters. This article lets you know the challenges faced by a digital marketing startup team in implementing the SEO techniques.

Content Quality

A Quality Content can’t be compromised by any other factors. Merely, a good quality content with neat presentation is enough to satisfy the requirements of the targeted users. Regardless of the web designing aspects, words in a website speak more than the visual effects.

Removing the most criticized article from your website would keep it up one level.

On-Page Optimization

A content is always in need of proper On-Page Optimization techniques to ensure its applicability to any search engine.

It involves many major aspects like maximum word count of an article, providing sub-headings, highlighting the important sentences, attractive and SEO based heading or title to an article, optimizing the sentences with respect to the search keywords and so on.

Keyword Research plays an important role in finalizing the title of an article. This can be done by professionals who have the adequate knowledge of the functioning of a search engine.


Building backlinks is not an easy task. The sites which you link to and the sites where you are linked decide the grade of your website. This is one of the best off-page optimization technique under SEO. Although, there are many other techniques like blog commenting, forum posting, article submission, an effective one among them is guest posting.

For guest posts, you need to seek permission from the site owner and write an article suitable to it. Majority of the owners allow them since they get a post for free. It is effective because your content and link will be long standing in those sites unlike the other off-page optimization techniques.

Remember, only getting links from a relevant and quality website. For example, Top Bezel Less Smartphones article needs backlinks in relevant domains like Mobile Review, technology, tech gadgets websites rather than others.

Providing internal links is not a great deal. But, for each article posted in your website, it would be optimum if it is embedded with 3 to 4 article links of your own domain.

The above briefed items are more related to technical aspects while the following managerial aspects are also crucial challenges identified in SEO.

  • Latest Technologies

This is also quite notable aspect because spreading of mails and messages to a huge number of people at the same time involves the knowledge of latest upgraded softwares in your computer system.

Competitive Analysis tools like SERP stat, ahrefs are mandatory for any SEO company services thereby always noticing the progress, backlinks, referring domains of your rival websites for your further planning. This could also assist one in shaping the new marketing strategies.

  • Focusing on Clients

Satisfying the existing clients and focusing on more small clients will make your service a branded one. Initially, an optimum Quoting for SEO service is recommended.

Also, beware of the budget constraints in running your SEO service. If needed, look for sponsors or partners for dealing with bigger projects. A planned Investment and the optimum usage of available resources would ensure better returns for sure.

  • Hiring Of Talents And Inducing Training

Hiring of talented professionals and graduates in an organisation will develop a sound team. Many organisations spend their valuable time in selecting a right person to a team. Also, the role of a team manager is crucial in leading a team for the planning and execution of tasks corresponding to the defined protocols.

Inducing training to a team in an efficient manner brings out and identifies the capabilities of the new recruits thereby placing them to a right role in a team based on the project being handled.

Of course, all these attributes fall under the Team Management aspects. A Team Manager has to cite each and every issue arising out and also to solve them for completing the scheduled tasks within the target time.


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