What is Domain Authority? Why You Should Be Concerned About It?

There are endless ways if one wants to measure the overall effectiveness of his search engine optimization efforts. One of the effective ways for which you can opt is by using this metric which is called domain authority.

Can you explain in the clear terms why one should be concerned about this metric and why the need to check domain authority is important, we can tell you! Few of the digital marketers, they spend hundred amount of dollars in every single year so that they can track their website domain authority. They do this assessment on a repeated basis in order to know that whether this metric and score has been improving over time or not.

What do we mean by the term Domain Authority?

  • This domain authority is a number and it ranges in between 1 and 100. 1 is the worst number and 100 is the best number according to this term and concept. You can call it a search engine ranking score. It is a measurement tool which tells you the ranking position of your domain in the search engine pages.
  • It was created by a company which is quite well-known in the sector of digital marketing. Moz is the creator of this measurement tool. It is on the logarithmic scale that these numbers are based. Technically it is easier to move any website from the score of 20 to 30 as compared to move the site from the score and rank of 80 to 90. So, technically it can be explained that when a site gets better, then it becomes harder for the person to make it even better.

How one can calculate domain authority?

  • Moz has devised a way to calculate and get the domain authority score and it is done by considering the 40 ranking factors.
  • For the starters especially, algorithm primarily looks at the linking root domains count, and number of backlinks. Backlinks should be taken from the trusted one seed sites.

What can be a perfect Domain Authority Score?

  • So what can be a good and an appropriate domain authority score? Suppose you have visited your site by using any DA checker tool and you get a DA score which is 21, so is that a good score or not? It all depends actually! This domain authority score is a comparative metric. Your score gets compared with your competitors’ score. If your competitors have a DA of 20 and your score is 21, then obviously this DA score is very good for your website.
  • It is common sense to understand this fact that there is actually a long way to move from 20 score and then to reach to a DA 100 score.

Moz Spam Score usage

  • Though we have plenty number of domain authority checker tools. But how spam score can be calculated? We all know that there are a bunch of black hat SEO people who always try to manipulate and falsify the search results. They do this manipulation by using a link spam. Unfortunately, some shady competitors point out on the low-quality backlinks present on your site so that you can be bumped- off from the search engine page ranking. This is a dirty attacking point.
  • But you can check and verify your backlink profiles for link spam. There is a metric which is introduced by Mozand by using that metric, you can calculate the spam link score. The result will come in the form of red flags. So far 17 different red flags have been identified which can be counted as a source to link spam.

Ways of Improving Domain Authority

How can you improve this domain authority score of yours, by using few of the good SEO practices, you can achieve this target. Though DA checker tools will only tell you the score, but to improve that score is another side of the same story.

1. Building backlinks

  • For the starters who want to increase their domain authority score, they can build few of the backlinks for their site. They have to be good backlinks. You can get good and heavy number of backlinks by opting guest posting technique. Look for a non-competing webmaster who has a blog and that blog should have a decent amount of domain authority score. You can contact that person and make a request to him if he can allow you to post and write up an article on his website.
  • Remember, in that posted article, a backlink should be included and it has to point and hint towards your own website. Most of the webmasters allow for this posting because they get a free content for their site. This guest-posting is always a win-win technique to improve your DA score. The hosting blog receives a free content. On the other hand, you get a backlink to your website.

2. Diversifying your backlink profile

You should also be diversifying your backlink profile. Your DA score will get better if you will get few of the link from some quality sites rather than getting lots of links from low-quality sites. Strive to get quality backlinks by making a constant effort.

3. Renewing Your Domain

You can boost your DA score if you are going to renew your domain for as much long and possible time as you can! Note that if your domain is sooner going to get expired in a few of the next months then your DA score will not likely to get increased otherwise.

4. Linking Internally

Another tip is that you should be linking your site content internally. Many of the webmasters overlook this amazing tip. You should link to your own site content when you think that it is relevant. For every single article, you are going to write, your goal should be to link two or three other articles on your own blog.

Always search for widely used and effective DA checker tools. We are sure now you can technically understand that why domain authority scores should be a matter of concern for all webmasters.



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