How to Build a Multi Language Website?

Nowadays so many companies have realized the importance of create a website. A website works as a global platform to reach out the customers and competitive buyers more conveniently. But when it comes of spreading the business knowledge across the globe, suffice it to say that although English is the basic mode of communication but yes, if you give a regional touch to your website, it makes a cordial relation with the client and that is why, developing a multi language website is anytime the best thing you can do. If you are planning to initiate for the same first time and not really sure how to do it then certainly, the tips given below can help you quiet a lot.

To offer the content in different languages can put to different layers in your complex looking web design. The very first problem that may occur is to translate the article. Other than this, to create a strong structure for the multilingual SEO services, these website can also be quite challenging. To make sure you get things right, here are the tips that can help you.

Professional translation is required

This is the very first tip that you need to keep in mind. It is not ideally related to the website designing pattern but no doubt that it can help you quit a lot. When you offer the content for the viewers to read in different languages, to get the content translated from reliable translation software is generally advised. But nothing can be more powerful than human translation. Such tools do work but at the end they are created by humans and are not humans so are bound for some errors. But by getting it translated from the professional expert can help you get much better source in less span of time. Besides, the accuracy level is high and the content structure and formation also looks nice.

Different language options to be showcased

When a viewer visits the site, it is expected that your site offers him the option of different languages so that he/she can make choice form which language to choose and read it. This improves user friendly source at the same time offers you better comfort to understand which type of reader visit your site the most. You need to create a drop down menu by which the user gets an option to choose the language. For creating such menu bar, designing it on the footer is advised so that your site gets more professional look at the same time for user it is pretty much easy to see and access without any kind of issue.

Choose the option called Flags? Think Twice

It is often used for indicating a language. However, not many people really use flags to switch to other language because of some reasons. Talking of which, flags do represent the countries and not the language. In a country like India, although Hindi is the country specific language but there is many regional languages that are being followed. This means, a country can have more than one official languages and a visit may not even recognize the flag since the size of it is quite small.

At such time, if you are wondering what can be done, well then you can consider either the option of drop down menu or order the languages in alphabetical manner so that user can easily find the right version for him/her to try it out.

Thinking about fonts and encoding

When we say translation, suffice it to say it includes typing which eventually means to recheck on the font and designing to be used. Understand the fact that your site need not be reliable and for this you need to create the content which is readable. Make sure the character encoding is set in a right manner at the page head for better results. The encoding which is based on Unicode can support different languages. Besides it also has the capacity to accommodate different pages and forms in the languages that would be used. This way, you can save more money and time.

Moving on to the fonts section, understand that every language may not be capable with the font that yourself. That is why, focus on choosing the web font which would match the language that are planning to install especially if it non-Latin based. This means, the fond that you need to use in such scenario need to have characters and glyphs that are more commonly required. There are also languages in which many characters are used. This somehow would make the file of the fonts quite heavy. You need to make sure the character groups is refined which can easily get accumulated in the font file.

Understanding the concept of direction

The most common problem that usually arises is the language and direction. If you choose responsive web design template so you need to understand that languages don’t come in any kind of direction. Rather the scripts in which they are written comes in the direction. If you consider the language of Azerbaijan which is written in Azeri language can be writing with the help of Cyrillic scripts which comes from left to write and you can write it in the Arabic script which is written from right to left. Although most the of the languages are written and read from left to right but at times you may come across the language which needs to be written down in another style and for this the layout mirror option of the entire web page can work.

Other than the above mentioned tips, always keep in mind that countries do have some ethical view option and it is important that you follow them. The case sensitive optics such s humor, sexuality, and symbolism are something that you need to not ignore although often times it is easily overlooked when it comes to website. This can increase the risk of countries to get offensive. When it comes to prepare a site that would be showcase at flexible platform, the above pointers can give you a strong base to work from. However, make sure the information, which will be displayed here, has to be correct.


Author: Naveen Kumar

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