Whatsapp Group Admins Can Now Restrict People from Sending Messages: How To Activate

WhatsApp is rolling out its ‘Restricted Group’ messages for the people on all the iOS, Android, Windows phone users. This is the new feature that is providing the power to restrict the other members from sending the text messages, photographs, videos, voice messages, GIFs, other documents if the admin thinks so.

With this update and texting application new update, the group admin has more power to control the group. The biggest advantage is through this update is that the group members can be protected from getting the inappropriate content. Every member is restricted to post the content on the wall until it is approved by the group admin.

According to WABetaInfo, a popular fan site that usually tests the new WhatsApp feature, the update ‘Restricted Groups’ is available for 2.18.201 for Android users and 2.18.70 for the iOS users. The new feature will be rolled out in the android versions of 2.18.191 as well as for Windows phone.

The new feature provides full power to the admin to totally disable the chat feature of the group. The option is available under the group settings. If you have selected ‘only admins’ the other group members won’t be able to send any messages, videos, GIFs, etc. Only admin can send the message to the group.

This key feature is same as you have the Facebook groups where the group admin has the right to review the content before all other group members can read it. The good thing is apart from restricting the content, the admin can also restrict the members from sending the message. The greatest advantage of this feature is that the group admins can prevent the posting of inappropriate or fake content.

Once getting restricted, the members simply can read the messages without providing any response. The ‘Restricted Group’ feature was first spotted last year in December under ‘Privacy settings’ in the group.  Another feature that was spotted where all the participants can normally edit the group icon, description and subject but later it was discovered that admin can restrict these all features as well.

In case someone wants to message then he or she has to contact the admin to allow the messages to be sent on the WhatsApp group.  If you’re a group admin then to block the spam contacts that get joined at night, you can close the group. In this case, they may join the group but not able to exchange the messages till you allow them to perform so. This is effective in blocking the spam content on the wall of the WhatsApp.

How to activate the ‘Restricted Group’ Settings?

You can activate this by opening “Group Info” on the WhatsApp group. Tap on the “Group Settings” where you need to select the option “Only Admins”. Once admin changes the permission for all the participants, it will be notified with the message to the group “You changed this group’s settings to allow the participants to send messages to this group”.  You can see the similar message when only admin is selected.

Role of Admin in the ‘Restricted Group’ Settings

  1. The new updates to the group are in control of the admin. However, the admin will be able to share the images, media along with text messages that other members are restricted.
  2. The message and other media by other members are reviewed and approved by the admin. The admin of the group will have the exclusively dedicated option available only to him called admin settings.
  3. An admin can restrict any group member to the ‘Only Admins’ settings. He or She has no control that can change the group info, group display image, subject of the group.

WhatsApp had recently launched down the ‘Delete Message’ feature that lets the user delete the message at both the ends. This is really helpful as it gets deleted from both ends and avoids the inconvenience if by chance the message has gone to wrong window. The update or technology works for the groups as well which is helpful in communicating the right messages at the sender and receiver end.

If you don’t have received the latest update then it’s time to update your WhatsApp manually through the App store.


Author: Sarah Lee

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