How to Transfer Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail Manually

Whenever it comes to an emailing platform, the choice of users keeps on changing on daily basis. Depending on the need of their business, they switch from one email application to another. However, moving to a new email application will be successful only if there is a successful migration of old data also. Due to this, sometimes users find migration task really difficult because their old data is very precious to them and they cannot afford to lose it. One such type of migration is Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail.

As Outlook Express is not in much use and does not contain advance features so, users want to switch from it. But both of them support different file format i.e., Outlook Express uses DBX file format and Windows Live Mail supports EML file format. Therefore, to import Outlook Express emails to Windows Live Mail, a user needs to convert DBX to EML format.

Manual Method to Migrate from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail

How to Transfer Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail Manually

In order to import Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail, a user needs to perform it in two different parts. Now, to do this in a proper way, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Export DBX Files from Outlook Express

  1. First of all, click on Tools –> Options in order to find the location of stored messages
  2. Then, you need to click on the Options Dialog Box –> Maintenance –> Store Folder button
  3. After that, a Store Location dialog box appears. From here, copy the folder path from Your personal message store is located in following folder field
  4. Then, simply click on the OK button and exit Store Location Dialog Box and shut down the Outlook Express application
  5. Next, you have to copy and paste the folder location path in Windows Explorer address bar and press Enter Key. From here, you will directly move the location where Outlook Express DBX files are stored
  6. After that, copy the Outlook Express folder containing folders.dbx files on the local machine with Windows 7

If you are copying the Outlook DBX file to the USB drive, then no need to move it to Windows 7. Windows Live Mail will read the exported DBX files from USB drive also

Tip: WAB File format is used by Outlook Express Address Book and its storage location is:

C:\ Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book

After this, a user needs to rename the Address Book of Outlook Express Address Book like a xyz.wab file. When you are done with the renaming procedure, copy or move it to any Windows OS.

Now, it’s time to install and download Windows Live Mail application in the Windows operating system. After that, proceed to the next step i.e., import DBX files to WLM.

Step 2: Move Outlook Express Emails to Windows Live Mail

After exporting DBX file from Outlook Express application to Windows OS, you need to import DBX to WLM application. And, for the same, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. After downloading Windows Live Mail, install it on the Windows 7 machine and open it
  2. Then, go to File –> Import Messages option
  3. Now, directly choose Import Outlook Express 6 option
  4. After that, navigate to the Outlook Express folder location that you have copied from the old system
  5. Next, choose the folders that you want to import to WLM and click on the Import Tab
  6. At last, close the Import Wizard

Now, you have to move Outlook Express Address Book i.e., WAB file to Windows Live Mail

  1. First of all, you need to open Contacts in Windows Live Mail application
  2. Then, go to File and click on the Import Windows Live Mail application option
  3. After that, navigate to the location where you have stored WAB file and choose it
  4. At last, exit the Import wizard and complete the import process successfully.

In this way, all your Outlook Express emails and address book get imported successfully from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail via manual technique.

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Limitations of Using Manual Method to Export Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail

The manual method is completely free of cost and import DBX file to Windows Live Mail. But, being a free solution, it has some limitations, which a user must keep in mind before using it. It is a complex, lengthy, and indirect way of performing migration. In addition, it might result in permanent data loss also. Thus, to have a feasible approach and guaranteed solution, one is suggested to look for some alternative approach for Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail migration.

Alternative Solution – Import DBX to EML File to Migrate From Outlook Express to WLM

After knowing about the limitations of the manual approach, it is not a reliable way of doing so. Therefore, a professional solution named as SysTools DBX to EML Converter is suggested that a user can try to convert Outlook Express DBX file to EML format. It is a popularly used application and converts all emails stored in DBX file to EML format in a seamless manner and ensure data integrity also. Moreover, it offers different naming conventions to save resultant EML files in an organized way.

A user can use this application on any version of Microsoft Windows OS. Outlook Express is not used by most users nowadays as there any many other email applications available that can replace it easily. How to transfer Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail is one of the popular searches over the internet. Thus, we discussed both manual and professional solutions that a user can try to perform this migration in a hassle-free way.


Author: Justin Hansen

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