Social Media 101: How to Help Increase Your Follower Interaction

Today, social media has become an essential marketing platform used by most companies online. It has been used to advertise and interact with your clients and customers in a more personal manner. But, how can you reach your audience more efficiently than your competitors? Well, the answer may be found in this article. While putting up social media accounts may seem so easy, it may on the other hand more difficult to create an effective engagement between your company and the online community. If you notice only a few people are reacting to your posts online, here’s what you need to do to attract more followers and later on establish a better and more successful follower interaction.

1. Take the first move and start the conversation. You can’t start advertising your brand if you’re scared to initiate the first move.

  • Remember that social media engagement takes place once you start the conversation between you and your audience.
  • Furthermore, you can even take advantage of this conversation by telling a story behind your brand. That way, you’ll be able to gain your customers’ trust once they feel and discover that there’s a personal touch behind the product – and you shouldn’t forget to respond to your audience immediately.

2. Be sure to become stimulating visually. Starting up a conversation in social media may not be enough to gain many followers – and if you’re indeed not visually stimulating at all, you’ll eventually find it hard to interact with your followers which may not be sufficient for them to like and share your posts.

  • While social media is filled with a wide range of comments, posts, and tweets, it will be better if you add some color to your posts, thereby making your online presence more visually stimulating.
  • For instance, having a better visual stimulation can be achieved by using high quality, bright images that can make your posts stand out. If needed, you can also make use of videos related to your post and if you want something interesting and funny, posting funny memes can be an excellent idea to increase your social media interaction.
  • Moreover, you can also try incorporating screenshots to your posts especially when you’re showing a step-by-step procedure.

3. Be visible through different online platforms. As a business owner, you want your brand to reach a wide range of audience in the online community. Thus, you can also improve your virtual presence if you go visible on more than one platform.

  • For example, your customers and clients should be able to see you not just on Facebook but on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat. That way, you’ll not only earn more followers but you’ll also have many ways to reach them.
  • Additionally, it’s best not to restrict yourself to the social media avenues you can use to advertise your business.

4. Make use of “call-to-action” and hashtags. Either be a caption or image, using call-to-action has become popular when trying to improve your follower interaction. It can be anything that may enable you to earn more likes and shares for your page.

  • Also, adding hashtags to your posts can be a great way to highlight your brand online. With hashtags, you’ll be able to organize your content, making sure that it’s presented right in front of your target audience at the right time.
  • Be sure to use appropriate hashtags so building large online followers will be within your reach.

5. Hold Q & A (Question and Answer) for your followers. If you want your audience to be active on social media, don’t hesitate to hold a question and answer session as it provides them with a huge opportunity to engage with your business and later on become a good member of the online community.

  • For instance, you can ask your followers regarding content ideas and anything that you may like.
  • But, you just have to be careful in asking sensitive questions that may destroy your brand in the long run.

6. Activate appropriate emotional responses from your followers. With emotions incorporated into your social media posts, your audience may be driven to interact with you.

  • When triggering emotional responses, you can either activate happiness and passionate anger. At most, happiness is one of the best emotions you can actually use to provide you the follower interaction you’re trying to have.
  • Sharing stories that make your audience happy and sharing funny jokes of the day are good examples of activating happiness from your followers. Also, getting the social media engagement you want can also happen when you trigger passionate anger among your customers.
  • You can elicit this type of emotional response by sharing posts you’re passionate about and that you think that needs bringing attention. Additionally, when there are people who disagree with you, don’t ever get angry with them but instead respect their views and opinions. Doing so will let your audience know that you’re kind and that your intentions are good.

7. Make contests for your audience to join in. When it comes to boosting your social media interaction online, creating contests that may give them a sense of excitement can be a perfect idea.

  • Not only these can reward your loyal audience, these contests can also make your followers visit and check your page more often.
  • If you feel sharing contests with people online can improve your social media interaction, then go ahead and you’ll more likely be surprised by the feedback you can get from this post.

The Bottom Line

For most businesses nowadays like at, being active online isn’t just a preference but it’s more likely a requirement that you should take full advantage for the benefit of your brand. This is because not having a strong follower interaction may mean an injury to you and your business. Thus if you’re looking for essential ways that can help increase your virtual presence, you can actually make use of the tips presented in this article for the better. So whatever approach you’re going to take, always make sure you’re reliable enough to make things work about gaining a million followers online.


Author: Dianne Abonita

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