What Are The Trends For Mobile App Development In 2018?

The previous year brought us several technological advancements in the field of mobile app development. The introduction to the latest iPhone X bought more hype among all the phone users. The technological features that it holds got prominence in the following time. But the truth about mobile phones is that it is pretty much of no use without apps. Thankfully there are over 6.6 million apps in total on every app store.

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Mobile apps have generated over 80 billion US dollars, where only in 2017 the app download rate was over 197 billion downloads according to Statista. The business of mobile apps is lucrative and as well as full of profit. It has served as a lifesaver to several businesses from all over the world. Even many popular brands have introduced their personal app to conduct business. And many apps are attempting to conduct their business successfully in the market. Even your business may be on the list of business looking for success. There are certain factors that need to be considered for the success of your application.

And one of the vital factors for app success is to follow the latest trend. There are several trends for app development that catches the attention of the user. Australia which is one of the prominent IT hub cities in the world is known for its app development. Development companies there always include the latest trends in the apps they develop. A company like Vrinsoft who offers mobile application development in Melbourne is a perfect example for companies that follow this development strategy. Below given are some latest app development trends of 2018 that would be helpful for your app success if you include it in your app.

Wearable devices

The wearable device is the fresh new trend in the tech market. The sales of wearable devices are expected to cross 6 billion US dollars by 2018, according to Statista. There is a long list of wearable devices that are in commercial use at present. For example, the WatchOS 4, Adidas MiCoach Fit Smart, FitBit Flex, etc are some of the prominent wearable devices available in the market. Wearable devices are really helpful and to be honest they are a style statement. Therefore Wearable devices will be trending in 2018.

Augmented reality & Virtual Reality

Augmented reality & Virtual Reality popularly known as AR & VR is a trend that is getting popular day by day. People are using both of these features and are getting prominence among millennial consumer base. According to Digi-Capital, AR and VR will be able to hit 150 Billion US dollars by 2020, where AR will generate 120 billion US dollars and VR will generate around 30 billion US dollars. With Apple launching the latest ARKit 1.5, augmented reality will be prominent in e-commerce applications for showcasing their products.

AMP (Accelerated mobile pages)

AMP is an assignment taken over by Google and Twitter whose sole purpose is to provide data results as fast as possible to the users. The main advantage that AMP has is that along with its speed, it is also responsive to other devices. As an alternative to AMP, lazy loading is used where the page is displayed simultaneously when it is loading. Even still AMP is in the commercial use because of its efficiency to display data that is combined with the web at a high-speed rate.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial intelligence is truly a revolution in several technological sectors such as mobile apps, mechatronics and robotics. AI has made the interpretation process easy and small for complex processes. The famous AI that is present in the market and is being used regularly is Siri by Apple. Apple has integrated Siri into the entire Apple phone line. AI has applications in the sector of banking, e-commerce, and above all IOT. AI is proving its capabilities in all sector making it a trendy feature, it is about time that developers embed AI into their applications.

IOT (Internet of things)


The Internet of things is a network on which several can devices connect and which the user can control. With the help of this network, the user can have control over all devices from anywhere within the network that is automated and can monitor the activities remotely. At the centre of the majority IOT devices, there is a mobile phone that syndicates the data in any commercial IOT network. With the rise of IOT technology, we see many applications that are compatible with the IOT.

Instant apps

Instant apps feature was introduced at Google I/O 2016 with a mission to provide the user with easy access to apps without actually downloading the application. The user can use the play store and only download the application if they actually liked it. Applications like Viki, Wish, Periscope, and Buzzfeed has taken the initiative to introduce instant apps for their applications. Apple has also introduced this feature last year in their latest systems.

There are many other trends that are taking the mobile app market by storm but the features given above are the features that are trending in 2018 and will continue to inspire new technologies in the future. If you want your application to be successful then these features can help you aim for it. But in the end your application should be innovative enough to attract the users, only then these features can be beneficial for you.


Author: Jay Patel

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