How To Use The Emoji Slider On Instagram? The New Way To Poll Your Friends

We live in the age of social media and the world now is a digital book. The impact and changes caused due to social media are drastic. They help build communities, business and much more. Different social media platforms have different purposes for example twitter is like one’s mini notepad where they write and express their random thoughts, Facebook is like a scrapbook in which we put our memories and messages and Instagram is like our picture album in which we keep our best and most precious pictures.

In this new age of technology and competition all media platforms are trying to be better than each other thus they keep introducing new features and facilities one such new and latest feature introduced by Instagram is the emoji slider poll.

Polls no more have to be boring? With the advent of the new Emoji Sliders these polls are certainly a great way to engage your friends on Instagram. Your friends on Instagram can now “vote” using a sliding scale instead of a simple YES/NO type question. It allows you to further probe and can now ask “how much” instead of just “what”. Isn’t that amazing?

Polls are a feature unique to Instagram and something original they have us to offer. They let us know our followers and friends opinions on certain questions asked by us. These polls are very spontaneous and fun to use. When first introduced polls instantly became everyone’s favorite sticker option, right from knowing what your follower thing about your outfit to knowing their opinion on a certain issue every type of question was asked and answered but the regular poll sticker had only to answer options and if our answer was somewhere between yes and no we were stuck. Instagram solves this dilemma of its user with the new emoji poll slider.

Using these emoji slider polls is pretty easy and basic. Anyone who regularly uses Instagram will instantly get a hang of it. Here’s how you can start using the new slider emoji poll in your Instagram stories:

  • Open Instagram Stories
  • Select a picture you want to share or click a new one, make a boomerang or take a video.

Emoji Slider

  • Swipe up and select the emoji slider sticker from the tray.
  • Create the question according to your choice.

Slider Emoji

  • Now we are ready to post our story with the new poll.

It’s simple and fun to use. Add emojis have fun using them and one can view the results of the poll by accessing their story’s views.

Here’s my test run:

Emoji Slider

Not only creating but answering polls on our friend’s stories is fun and it is as simple as opening their stories and dragging the slider to whichever side we want.

Instagram is a great and fun way to connect to different community via social media and increase your business as well. It has formed like a safe heaven for many people who are often left out. We get our news updates also many times and are socially aware about issues around the globe. So get going to explore more on the same by logging on to Instagram now!

Happy Sliding, Emoji Lovers!!!


Author: Sarah Lee

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