Quick Tips to Enhance the Performance of Your Project

For any organization the valuable asset is its employees, its people. This is also applicable for the project teams handling IT projects online. The success of project management is based on individual talent and team performance. The project managers of motivated and highly engaged teams perform at higher level in attaining their objectives.

How does a project performance team look?

  • Team members care and respect each other.
  • They understand the strengths and weaknesses of each other
  • They believe in the project’s objectives and mission of the organization
  • Strive for excellence, stay accountable and learn from failure to celebrate success

Enhancing a project performance

A project performance may be enhanced when the project managers are truly successful, and this depends entirely on their team quality, the strategies and online tools that they employ to ensure success of the project. Here are a few tips to improve:

Proper execution and planning

Generally, communication plays a crucial role in proper execution and planning. Identifying a project and comprehending the benefits and scope of it is mandatory. This helps in defining budget, objectives, involved parties and scope.

Keep communication flowing, break into manageable components and organize individual tasks based on individual strengths using available free project management tools.

Quality leadership

Project managers attain success only when the entire team is in. This team is led by the project leader through everything appearing in the project life cycle, the problems and delays.

Here are few helpful pointers:

  • Establish the purpose and objective of your team. Bring them working towards a common goal so that they are clear of their contribution.
  • Build trust by communicating that is expected. Plan ahead and communicate in a positive way to avert potential conflicts.
  • Allow your team to experience failures, take risks and to learn from mistakes. Avoid micromanaging and promote creativity.
  • Assess individual and team performance, enforce established rules. Ensure that the online project management software works and ascertain accountability so that rules are not ignored resulting in derailment of projects.
  • Model honesty, cooperation and communication as work ethics. Show team members the taste of success and demonstrate your leadership, they may get inspired.

The online project management tools provide the required collaboration features, thereby reduce obstacles and also increase the productivity in a team, ensuring goodwill and overall performance.


Everyone likes to receive appreciation for their job. A project leader must recognize and reward their team members on attaining milestones and achieving deadlines. This keeps the team members inspired and working towards achieving the goal. Remember, individuals in your team may also have their preferences, so know them well, so that you can reward some who love spotlight and some in private.

Give a professional approach to delays

Technical troubles, work interruption, unforeseen circumstances and additional responsibilities can cause project delay. These are expected and are common in any business, but avoid missing a deadline as it is not easy to digest.

Leadership is judged by how one handles delays and obstacles, so ensure to have a professional approach. Use Task Management Software to evaluate the problem severity and understand the fact that not all delays are a catastrophe. Just analyze how it may hinder the project in other aspects. At the same time keep other things moving and identify resources to resolve the problem. It is the right time to engage your team members so that they come up with some effective solutions. As a priority, inform the delay to your stakeholders.

Developing Better Project Teams

Teams that are high-performing can make life easier for a project manager. Develop your team following these tips and enhance the performance of your project. These are easy to implement and certainly pay off making projects more successful.

Few advantages

  • The whole team can have a shared centralized work space and have easy access to information through the software tools. This gives them a strong sense of group feel and team members do not wait to receive instructions.
  • The free project management tools minimize time and promote early interaction. These online tools offer the ease of use and help in development. In fact, these tools feature intuitive interface and this means they also include features such as document sharing, commenting, checklists, etc.
  • In case the project team is working across several floors or even across the globe, everyone can be at one time in one place through online tools without causing a dent on the budget and productivity. Thus the regular gatherings need and meeting room arrangements are easily averted.
  • These online tools are transparent and open so that team members in a project are clear what should be done next and when the tasks must be completed. With the schedules getting update on time, teams can get ahead of their issues and sort them out and see progress.

Author: Manmohan Singh

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