AI(Artificial Intelligence): Setting Up New Trends in 2018

Artificial Intelligence is definitely taking over the world and improving how things are being done. It is the process of simulating into machines like computers, the intelligence of humans, thereby giving them the ability to perform physical and cognitive tasks. The process for teaching a machine to do things can be a bit complex. It involves the ability of the machines to learn some information given to it, know the reasons behind the use of the information and be able to self-correct. Artificial Intelligence is being used in speech recognition, some technological complex systems and in machine vision. It also involves the automation of robotics and has since experienced some prominence due to the availability of big data. AI can now help in the identification of data often faster than a human would.

Uses of Artificial Intelligence

The applications of AI have cut across a wide range of sectors if not all. Its impacts are extraordinary and it is becoming popular among various works of life.

Healthcare: AI is being used in the healthcare industry to improve the services of healthcare professionals. Machine learning can help with a faster diagnosis which is often better too. For example, the IBM Watson understands the languages of patient’s data and is able to mine it to present a hypothesis. There is also Chat bots used online to help patients with their scheduling process, billing process and in providing feedback to the patients.

Business: The increasing need to find smarter ways of doing business in order to optimize profit has led to the introduction of AI into the business sector. Robots are now being used to do the jobs that humans will normally do. They have shown faster and better performance that has affected the business world positively. Machine learning has also been incorporated into software like CRM that can analyze data extensively and come up with better ways to satisfy customers. Chat boats are also used to help with immediate feedback for the customers who are dishing out questions online. Elite Crest Technologies also offers a great range of software services as well as consultancy for the integration of AI into your business. The services ranging from cloud strategy to mobile strategy and internet of things can help accelerate your business growth.

Finance: The Finance world hasn’t been left out of AI implementation. It is used in mining financial data and coming up with financial advice. For example, IBM Watson can be used to oversee the whole process of purchasing a home. Turbo tax can be used for financial databases analysis. The software is greatly involved in a lot of trading processes in top financial institutions today. Financial software integration is also offered by Elite Crest technologies, whose services have been tried and proved.

Manufacturing: This is perhaps one the sectors that have gained immensely from the introduction of AI technology. Automation of human tasks makes the production process faster, better and more efficient. Robots are used to ease the workflow and free humans from some undue stress.

Education: AI can grade student’s reports, assess students, adapt to the needs of the students and help them with learning. AI can also be involved in tutoring student which proves efficient because they are able to learn the pace and pattern of each student and therefore, apply it individually.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

The rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence technology in the world today can only leave us imagining what part of our lives will soon be automated. The possibilities are limitless and we are thinking of a few ways it might impact our everyday lives.

Transportation: Self-driving cars have already been introduced by some companies today. The cars still need the presence of a driver, however, in the future, it just might not. There are indicators that cars will soon become independent of humans soon. Other means of transportation might follow suit too.

Jobs: Some hazardous jobs that are currently being performed by humans might soon be affected by AI. This will be a great thing as life-threatening jobs like the diffusion of bombs; welding etc might now be performed by machines and software. These jobs witness the production of harmful substances which are not safe for humans to be around.

Climate change: One of the biggest problems in the modern world is climate change and how it is affecting the ecosystem. AI could help with identifying solutions to this long lasting problem and help in the abrupt ending or reduction of the effects of this problem.

As a company or a brand seeking to integrate some AI technology and software applications into your business, Elite Crest technologies is one of the best that is breaking new grounds in the field. They have a great team of experts that can help take your business to the next level. One can only continue to imagine the possibilities that AI will bring to the world, so it is necessary to flow along. Changes in different areas of everyday life are already evident; however, it is believed that it will only get better.


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