How to Avoid Google SEO Penalties in 2018?

The Google is focusing on the acquisitions for the growth which we expect to see in 2017. The well-known companies for business relationships are Amazon and Microsoft, now the Google is trying to catch up them in 2017. Now we will discuss how the Google can play catch-up in the cloud. In the terms of an acquisition, the technology occupies a most important place in the industries. The Google certainly has evolved into a major position for the technology. Among the companies like Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, the Google holds one-third of the acquisitions among them.

Google Catch-up:

In 2016 nearly 20 deals were concluded and the Google is trying to continue its expansion in the coming years. In 2017 it has an important target on fabric as it is the leading developer in the mobile app. It has made an acquisition of fabric because that app is used by 550,000 developers. In the mobile sphere, the Google has made 30 acquisitions. It reflects the popularity of the growth of the Android software.

In 2017 we can expect that the Google will throw a wide net to succeed in the cloud. The Google will focus more on how to drive the products and also be reactive to the environment. It creates a new way to solve the problems during the development of the products. Many of the corporate deals will have the machine learning and artificial intelligence at the center in 2017.

In the recent years, the efforts for crowd sourcing have flourished throughout many specialties and industries. There is a rise in the consulting services due to the rise in the crowd sourcing. The trend of crowd sourcing has joined the consulting services. The seasoned consulting firms and upstart services are also making their efforts to join the crowd.

The savings on speed and cost may be the main reason for the rise in crowd sourcing. When there is a need for analysis and research, the companies will prefer the power of the crowd. In the portal of cloud source, a busy CEO can log on to create request, review the candidates and hire talent to obtain the quality information. They can enjoy the lower cost, efficiency, and quickness of professional assistance in this method.

The crowd is attracting the consulting firms towards itself for help. The consulting firms include PWC and Deloitte they have already initiated the efforts of crowd sourcing for clients and themselves at sometimes.

The world of talent can be accessed by the client with the initiatives of the crowd sourcing. The analysts from wikis rat will engage to participate in the simulations across the globe to solve the problems. The Wikis rat network has paid the bonus to the experts. The experts were offered a free flat as a bonus for their performance.

Expert mind power is required for the vendors of crowd sourcing to deliver the work. To solve the problem it is very hard to find the talent to provide the solution. The services or products can be designed to start the innovation. The external expertise can be reached by the consulting firms to undertake the exchange of talent.

Smart Moves:

To understand, contribute and explore the machine learning the Kaggle was established in the year 2010 and more than 800,000 data scientists have used it subsequently. This platform is an online service which will create and host the competitions in machine learning and data sciences. The value of the field can also be progressed with this competition.

The developers with the largest community are able to make use of the artificial intelligence as the barriers are very low. The community includes not only the developers but also the users and the enterprises. They can apply it to the artificial intelligence depending upon their needs.

If Google acquires the Kaggle then it will have an unrivaled access to a weather of the data scientists and machine learning. The upcoming operations in the Google can also be supported by the platform like Kaggle. As the competitions are increasing in a sophisticated way the Google can face the competitions within the data science community.

The talent acquisition is the key factor to achieve success in the companies according to the technological era. The best and brightest experts who have a hopeful future in the machine learning and data industry will participate in the competition. Such experts are concentrated and tapped on by the Google in the competition.

The Google can make sure that it will remain as the top-dog by acquiring the talented scientists. It can also focus on several areas of the Artificial intelligence by broadening over the horizon.

Cloud Infrastructure:

The big data service is the successful foundation and it includes clients like SAP, Verizon, HSBC, eBay, and Disney. The Google cloud is facilitated with a greater access to the infrastructure of the cloud. Google also offers the business with powerful tools. The tools are training, infrastructure, ability to store in the large data sets and the talent acquisition.

A research was conducted at the American press institute. It stated that the people who create the content and share the content are more important than the people who trust the content. They want to re-share the content but they are not bothered about where the content has come from. They are much interested to follow the original sources. To get the latest updates from the original source they are ready to sign in.

None of them are surprised with this acquisition as the company is partnered with Google at the same time it is specialized in the Google software. The App Bridge is already acquired by the Google. The App Bridge is a specialized company which will assist the companies with relocating data and files into the Google cloud. A large number of consumers are generated by using this acquisition as a key value to the cloud systems of Google.

You create high-quality content by investigating your time to share the content far and wide. To catch fire across the web through your work, there are few things which are rewarding. The key role to grow your business is to spread the content over the world if you are on a blogging platform.

There might be chances for the strangers to reshape the content of your brand. The readers only choose to take the content what they need because there is a lot of content shared.


Researchers say that certain types of content in the B2B space tend to share widely. It includes content like case studies, research studies, and how-to’s. So, if the sharers focus on this type of content then they can increase their audience.


Google has a large list of reputable brands which provides a way to catch-up to the AWS. AWS is currently in the top position when compared to the IBM, Microsoft, and Google. So Google is trying to catch-up the position of AWS with its acquisition. The cloud providers may suffer as there is a great push for the share in the cloud market.The reputation of the sharers can be reflected by the information they share with their friends. Sometimes there might be chances that the sharers might share junk with their friends. You should consider the type of content, brand, and reputation of the author while sharing the content.


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