Best Tech Gadgets of 2018

2018 has opened a new e-book  with lot of futuristic plans, glossy events and new tech updates for Generation Z.  Young college goers who were born way back to 1998 are called Generation Z teens who prefer sophisticated classic tech gadgets to use in this current year. They must not lament as there are top notch tech devices and modernized tool kits for innovating their personalities.  In healthcare ,  wellness ,  tourism, and business  branding, upgraded  awe-inspiring  hands-free tech  gadgets 2018  must allure  New Millennials as well.

With the start of dynamic 2018, people are spending time to surf on Google for finding the best tech gadgets.  Well, for them, CES or Consumer Electronics Show was inaugurated in Las Vegas, Nevada.   In this current month, this tech carnival show demonstrated bundles of top electronic devices ranging from hybrid small laptops, high-caliber optimized mobile phones, and hi-tech credit cards with updated technical spec reports. Online consumers have amazing offers to buy classic laptops, notebooks and smart phones.

Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 Laptop

Dell Laptop

Dell has had hit the CES premier show by introducing ultra-thin ergonomic XPS 15(2 in 1) laptop for people. It is much superior to the previous edition.  The latest add-on is maglev keyboard which has magnetic field for easy keys detection.  This awesome modernized laptop includes

  • Intel Core 17 processor 8th Generation
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 1 TB SSD
  • HDR touch screen
  • Radeon RX Vega M Graphics card as well

Fast maglev keyboard resets your finger pressing.  It will display data about finger movement, technical repulsion and keyboard controlling strength. So, newbie will be enthusiastic to type the content confidently.   Besides, Corning Gorilla Glass 4   screen protector of XPS 15 laptop is awe-inspiring. The picture glossiness is unforgettable.  Aluminum and carbon fiber have been combined to restructure the laptop ensuring lifelong durability. This portable device will be seen in Spring 2018.  Approximate price tag is $1299.99.

Alcatel Premiered New Smart Phones


CES trade show gave unique platform to Alcatel to launch newly modified smart phones this year. There will be 3 different sets at competitive prices.   For instance, 1 Series will have smart screen with classic decoration.  Premium look of 1 Series smart phone must be glossy.  In addition, the advanced finger print reading sensors of this handset must protect data.  Device piracy and unlawful trespassing will be blocked.  TCL will provide 18:9 aspect ratio bright finger touch screen which will be big in size. However, Series 5 will have majestic bezels with father touch dual cameras to capture qualitative selfies.  Series 3 must be remembered for its bigger landscape picture displaying.  The large flat screen enables consumers to watch online video streaming in hassle free mind

Wallet Card

Wallet Card

Especially, international travelers, daily shoppers and executives are found searching for assistance to stop credit card theft. Their information and credit checking reports are exported or hacked.   They have to bear financial loss.   This new Wallet Credit card was introduced for demo.  Clark Howard and his associates planned to conduct a hands-on demonstration at this CES fete in Los Angeles, USA.  This automated electronic wallet card has been engineered by Cheswick, a top company located in Pennsylvania.  This tech gadget has few upgraded tech features like small battery to activate the wallet card.  In addition, account numbers are shown on digital dashboard.  it has the micro chip which works on smart phone as well.   Clark promises that this electronic card will be handy to shopaholic persons.  If lost, information of the wallet card will be locked or cross checked by bank.  It will block the accounts or remove the password to prevent data piracy.   It is able to store multiple accounts and transaction details.  Take mini statements and account details.  This magnificent Wallet Card will support major international banks.

Samsung CJ791 Curve Monitor with Intel’s Thunderbolt 3 Interfaces


Samsung CJ791 monitor will capture huge number of customers.  Its 34 inch smooth panel infrastructure must have impressive color resolution (3,440 x 1,440 and a 1,500R) for high voltage sharpness. Comparing to older version of OLED setting, this new monitor will have large QLED screen which is able to offer deeply majestic black/white colors.  After collaborating with Intel Thunderbolt 3, the processing speed is remarkably higher. It is approximately 40 gbps.   Its cross device compatibility will make it unique.   It will be connected with Macs and laptops.

ThinQ OLED and UHD TV of LG


LG attracted consumers at this world class show in January 2018.  This television will have Alpha 9 processor to give backup to Google Assistant. New tech feature is voice activation. That means, customers can operate this ThinQ OLED television through voice.  For example, you can change television channels by using your sweet voice. The television will respond.  Google Assistant will bring the list of best channels for watching Hollywood movies. Even, the television will be held on sleep mode   automatically if you instruct orally.   Compact UHD television set will be sold by LG. However, in the beginning, LG will export wonderful ThinQ OLED TVs to selected countries.

2018 has lot of mysterious things to reveal.  You must monitor Google to have information about the premier shows and tech fete.  These new models will have simple features for children. Especially, juvenile communities will get cost effective tech gadgets in this year. IoT enabled accessories will hit the digital market In upcoming days .However, these ultra-sleek glossy models (above mentioned) will be assets to Generation Z for 2018.


Author: Emma Jones

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