How To Boost Workplace Productivity Using Mobile Technology

Mobile technology is not only used for personal reasons but also for businesses. In fact, it has become a go-to option for many businesses because of its versatility and convenience. Many employees are using their mobile devices in accessing and managing files related to their work. For that reason, most employees now are encouraging their employees to bring their own devices to improve their mobile workforce.

Amazon, Tesco, eBay and other big companies invested mobile technology to boost their employees’ productivity while they enjoy an increase in revenue. With that in mind, there no reason for you to ban those cell phones from the desk of your employees.

New mobile apps and services have become available to address the needs of the companies and employees. With that in mind, mobile technology showed a significant improvement in productivity in the workplace.

In this study, it found that 83 percent of workers believed that advancement in technology allowed them to be more productive.

The use of sophisticated mobile platforms can organize the workforce and build a framework gamification that you can implement in the work-space. It is a proven way to boost employees’ productivity while it encourages having a competitive mindset that can boost results.

Promotes portability

Mobile technology allows employees to operate wirelessly. It means that employees do not have to bring their laptops to work. All they have to carry in their bags is their tablets or smartphones. Because in most cases, those devices are enough.

Employees also do not need to carry bulky documents when they need to present something to their clients. They just have to access the files online through their mobile devices.

With enhanced portability, the only thing that employees have to think of is how they can entice clients to do business with them or sign up for their products. And if you’re a landlord, you can use one of the best apps for landlords to manage your properties while traveling abroad.

Encourages to work remotely

Some employees cannot go to work for a few days because of family duties or other reasons. With mobile technology, however, employees can work remotely. Even if they need to take care of their family at home, they can do so but still complete their projects as mobile technology allows them to work remotely.

Also, employers can update their employees of some urgent matters that can affect the projects they are working on, instead of waiting for those updates to be posted in the bulletin board when their boss comes in. They can easily access those updates online anytime and anywhere they are.

Makes data more accessible

Most companies want to grow globally. They want to diversify their markets or reach other countries.  To achieve this goal, however, you will need a solid plan that requires more productivity from your employees to increase ROI.

With mobile technology, clients and employees can access any required data from a distant location. As a result, it removes restrictions on global barriers. It also promotes 24/7 workplaces where employees can easily stay connected. But you can only see those impacts of mobile technology if you are using the right gadgets. Some mobile devices are designed for personal use while others are for employees to make it easier for them to keep tabs on their tasks.

Although smartphones are built for making calls or sending text messages, companies use them to talk to their employees and update them on tasks when they are not on their work space. And, as mentioned earlier, mobile devices can keep everything light and hassle-free as employers don’t have to carry stacks of documents as they can just access their files through an app.

Connects teams virtually

Teams within the company can quickly work together and more productively across the organization through mobile technology. It does not matter what the locations of the team members are. They can collaborate and communicate anywhere they are.

It also eliminates corporate silos, which cut off communication. Employees can now use technology to talk to others in the company but working on similar projects. They can also use mobile technology in finding some experts to answer their questions.

Tracks progress of employees

Through an online performance evaluation app, managers can easily compare current skills with those who need advancement. They can also track the progress of their employees throughout the year.

If you think that one employee could increase their productivity elsewhere, you could easily transfer him to other departments. As the manager, you can view the performance of your employees quickly and find out if there are obstructions that can better their performance.

You can review and eliminate them through additional training or better allocation.

Monitors productivity of employees

Various productivity apps allow managers to track the progress of a goal and offer reinforcement or coaching to boost the performance of employees. As a result, they are more excited to meet the deadlines.

With a productivity software solution, you will experience better business productivity because your organization will have people who will continue to learn new skills while they keep on challenging themselves to do their best. They become happier employees and more motivated to work harder.

You can encourage to do more by rewarding them, either through monetary or non-monetary incentives.

Gains better understanding of your business

With so many business analytics programs out there, it is now easier for you to analyze the performance of your company.  The latest technology offers advanced reporting and analysis to give you a deeper understanding of your customer preferences and the market trends.

Then, you and the other executives of the organization can access performance metrics and use the data to help you work together in redesigning a strategy.


All employees want to be appreciated when they work hard at their job. With the use of mobile technology, managers can communicate with their team members and tell them they are valued.

As they work at their highest capabilities, you create a workforce that is more productive, loyal and engaged. Through mobile technology, they can easily access any data that they need to help them complete a project and boost their productivity.


Author: Catrin Cooper

Catrin Cooper is a content manager from San Francisco. She loves creating useful articles for tenants and landlords as well as writing about tech, marketing and self-development. In a free time, Catrin enjoys traveling and yoga.

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