How Data Science Is Revolutionizing Marketing & Sales

Data science, an approach and scientific method/process to get valuable insights from data in different formats whether structured or unstructured, play an important role in defining the future of marketing and sales for an organization. In other terms, you can say data science is revolutionizing marketing and sales starting from customer data acquisition and retention to the way how organisations converting and retaining customers. Let’s look at top 3 factors which describes how big data analytic solutions revolutionize the business.

Segregating Your Customers

Few years ago business professionals use huge amount of collected data to create their promotional ads and products for broad customer base. Now, all SMB’s, big organizations and Software Development India firms are making use of data science to collect, sort, analyze that huge amount of data for defining several specific sets of targeted customers and based on this, enterprises are delivering effective ads and products to targeted individuals only.

Simulating Campaigns

Organizations used to go with only few predictions for evaluating the expected impact of their marketing and sales campaign. But, with the introduction of data science, they can use data simulation techniques, with the help of which all their campaigns can be easily tested and practiced in a virtual marketplace in order to detect the actual impact on their campaigns. Monitoring these results, they can easily make required changes in their marketing and sales campaigns to reduces the chances of failure.

Analyzing Customer Behavior

Data science enables enterprises to track the past and present behavior of customers with respect to any product. Big data gives an extensive insight of browsing and purchasing histories of each and every customer. All these insights help to define what a customer want, how they want and at what price they are interested to buy a particular product. This data can be collected via CRM systems and then can be used to target specific customers based on their individual interest and needs.

All these 3 factors revolutionize any business enterprise and enhances the marketing and sales opportunities. Get some more details on the Impact of Big Data Services on Business Sales & Marketing in the info-graphic below.

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Author: Manoj Rawat

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