5 Ways to Market Your Small Business on Low Budget

Opening up a business or what is termed as “startup” is quite difficult today. There are a lot of things to do and plan when starting a business which can be time consuming and costly. Time and money is what the entrepreneurs do not have in the initial stages. Thus, you need a plan to grow your business in the market.

We will walk you through several ways by which you can market your business for free. Have a look! Scroll over!

  1. Creating Awareness on a local scale

How to reach your audience and promote your start-up business? You can create awareness about your product and business by getting into the media via local papers, trade magazines and promotional posters. Since you have just started with your business, you can write PR’s for your product – be your own public relations team!

  1. Create your followers in active social media

Social networking platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter can provide you communication with gazillions of worthy customers all round the globe. You can create subtle and attractive posts for topping it a notch. But you need to keep one thing in mind – make sure that you do not add too much advertisements with constant promotional offers, this can irritate them. You need to take every step carefully and make smart decisions.

  1. Increase customer base by e-mail marketing

According to researchers, e-mail is the most effective digital marketing tool that helps to maximize the ROI. The best part about promoting through e-mails is that they are simple. For going through with the process, you can start by beginning a chain of customer newsletter with the details about your product and business.

  1. Hand out promotional business cards

The one thing that you can do is getting a hold of your business cards printed by a discount printing service nearby. You can hand out those cards to people anywhere and everywhere. These cards must have coupon codes or special discounts to allure people to your website or your store. This is really advantageous way of business marketing to increase your customer base – spot on!

  1. The best customers are your ‘current’ customers

Since you have started with your business, you need to maintain a list of your recent customer base and contact them often. Rather than being direct by sending frequent sales offers, you can start sharing the tell-tales of your company – something interesting and catchy. You can create a list of what your customers bought so that you get to know their preferences and taste. That way, you can interact with them well and they will get to your company first next time they want to buy something.

  1. Create viral videos about your company and brand

Viral videos are the latest trends today that can bring a blast to your company’s status as a start-up company in the market. These videos can increase your customer base and your company receives media attention with free promotion. Get ready to create a blast in the market!


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