Jelly: World’s Smallest Android 4G Smartphone at Cheapest Cost

Mobile Android has become increasingly popular in the world and has become a serious rival for the existing mobile phone vendors such as Nokia, Blackberry and iPhone. Android is an operating system used in smartphones and tablet PCs. This functions the same as the Symbian operating system in Nokia, iOS on Apple and BlackBerry OS.

Keeping in view the changing technology, the cheapest and smartest 4G enabled android was developed. Unihertz, a company based in Shanghai is manufacturing Jelly mobile phones. Of course this smartphone can be a solution for those who do not like a large smartphone. The phone is claimed to be the smacked and it will be presented in two models, namely Jelly and Jelly Pro.

Unihertz is a team situated in Shanghai with ample of experience in building smartphone.This is the smallest Android 4G Nougat phone available in the market today. Although small, manufacturers are rumored to equip this Android phone with a fairly capable machine, before this, they had released a phone called Micro X with Android 4.4 versions and 3G enabled. Targeting entry level class, Android phone named Jelly comes with a very small physical design. In addition, manufacturers have also been using metal frames that remain sturdy even though tiny. With dimensions that are not too big, this phone is quite comfortable and stored. Moreover, the manufacturer also provides a home button under the screen for the operation


  • 4G LTE to facilitate users in communicating.
  • The 2.45 inch screen for the screen sector.
  • 240 x 432 pixels to IPS technology for convenient browsing
  • Mediatek quad core processor by Nougat.
  • GHz Processor speed with 64 bit technology
  • Two engine variants of 1GB RAM or 2GB RAM supported Mali GPU.
  • Dual sim card feature that is able to reach the 4G LTE network.
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4GHz/5Ghz WiFi
  • Compass, Gyroscope, GPS, G-Sensor
  • For data storage, manufacturers have installed 8GB memory for 1GB and 16GB RAM for 2GB RAM variant.
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • For the camera, this quad core phone comes with 8 MP main cameras and 2 MP front cameras.
  • For the battery, this mini Android phone is only equipped with 950 mAh battery.
  • Fairly compact design, plastic body measures 92.3 x 43 x 13.3 mm

Unfortunately it is not yet clear about the availability of micro SD slot .Reportedly phone Jelly Pro will be sold at the range below 1 million with a price range of $95 but, you may not be able to enjoy videos and play games like doing in other smart phone.


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