Why Using a B2B Specialist for Your Mobiles Could Benefit Your Business

Hands up if you like being left on hold when you call your provider! Nobody, oh right. That’s odd as the majority of you probably go directly to the major networks for your business mobiles. And what do the major networks do when you contact them? You guessed it, they put you on hold.

Yes, as somebody who works for a B2B telecommunications company I’m bound to be biased, but going directly to the networks really is frustrating. I know this from my own personal experience.

I currently have a contract with a major mobile provider (as do most people). It’s recently come to my attention that my bill (of roughly £35) leaves my bank account towards the midway point of the month. I must admit, it’s not the biggest issue I’ve had to face in 2016, but nonetheless it’s less than ideal when it comes to budgeting my finances for the month.

(I think it’s agreed that having all monthly bills leave your account within a couple of days of getting paid is the ideal. If I’m wrong, please let me know in the comments section below).

Anyway, for the sake of my personal finances, I believe that having my bills leave shortly after my pay day is for the best. So I decided to have my mobile network provider change my direct debit date from the 11th to the 1st.

Sounds simple enough doesn’t it. Pop online, click ‘change direct debit date’ and you’re done. Not quite.

Admittedly the first part here may be my fault; I was unable to find the section within their website that allowed me to change my DD date online. However, as I work in the industry I’m hardly a noob when it comes to browsing websites, so my best guess is that this particular part of the site isn’t that easy to find.

So, after giving up my search I decide to take advantage of my mobile network providers Live Chat function. Again, this should be nice and simple. Start chat > Speak to an agent > Have the issue resolved > Continue going about what my employers actually pay me to do.

Apparently, not so simple. Firstly I was greeted with a message informing me that all of their agents were ‘busy’ and to ‘try back later or check out our FAQ’s page’.

So, you have a Live Chat function on your website that you can’t actually support? Yes I appreciate that other customers may also be needing help, but let’s be honest, I DON’T CARE about these other customers. This may sound churlish, but I pay these people a considerable amount of money each month for a product/service, so when I have an issue I expect them to be there to provide assistance.

Having already checked the FAQ section of the site I decided to take the other part of the advice and try back later. Having finally been connected (about 15 minutes later) I was subjected to what I can only describe as ‘the Live Chat equivalent of hold’. This was very frustrating.

Once I finally managed to speak to somebody, (which was six minutes after I actually joined the chat) my experience wasn’t great either.

Without going into too much detail; the agent I was conversing with, albeit a very polite young man, typed in very broken English and it was clear that we we’re struggling to understand each other.

To ARUN’s credit, (at first I thought this was troll on my name, alas it wasn’t) he did eventually resolve the issue for me and to my knowledge my direct debit date is now the 1st of each month. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if this is actually the case.

Overall the whole process took over 30 minutes. Perhaps not the end of the world, but I was simply trying to change a payment date for one mobile. Imagine if I was looking after numerous mobiles across a variety of accounts, now that would’ve been stressful.

This is just one example of my experiences when dealing direct with a major network. I can guarantee you that this is the situation across the board and many people across the country will be having similar experiences right now.

As a business, there’s one way to avoid situations like this, either for yourself or your staff. The solution is simple. Get someone else to talk to the networks for you.

This is where your B2B telecommunications companies can help. Using a company such as my employers (DuoCall)means that you don’t have to spend what seems like endless amounts of time on hold. Instead, you contact your chosen provider who ‘should’ have somebody waiting to take your call immediately, (here at DuoCall we have a 10 seconds answer policy).

You can pass your issue on and be safe in the knowledge that your query/issue is being dealt with. No more dodgy hold tones, or ‘we’re really busy right now, sorry to keep you waiting’ messages. This will not only alleviate any potential frustrations, but also save you time.

Again, this was just one of my experiences with dealing direct with a major network provider, but it irked me enough to write this blog. I’m sure many more of you out there do, and are experiencing a similar level of frustration when it comes to getting issues resolved with your business mobiles.


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