Important Tips for Passing the Salesforce Certification Exams

By looking at various reliable statistics it is safe to say that majority of companies look for certified individuals before hiring for salesforce. Therefore, if you are looking for a lucrative job in the salesforce sector it is advisable to get yourself certified. Attaining a salesforce admin certification is the easiest way to legitimize you as a salesforce professional. Corporate sectors are recognizing the importance of this certification and hence prefer candidates who have a salesforce certification over candidates without one.

There is a plethora of opportunities for salesforce certified individuals but you will face a lot of competition, more likely against other certified individuals. If you feel the experience you gained by working on the field is enough to compete with a certified individual, then you need to think again. Yes, the experience on your resume counts but with the backing of a certification it would make it stand out. The inclusion of a certification on your resume speaks about your expertise in the field. It shows your current and future employers that you are different from your peers and hence boosts your chances. Also, if you are not a salesforce certified individual you are undermining your earning capacity.

For the people who have already decided to go for the certification, extensive study material is included in every course. The platform also provides with instructors that are highly educated in their field and provide the necessary guidance and information you need to get certified.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you sail through the salesforce admin certification smoothly:

  • Bifurcating the study material:

First of all, I would advise you to check the reading material provided. If you go through the study material, you will come to know that it is not necessary to study and try to remember each and every small nuance from it. You will be provided with a percentage breakup which will tell you the weightage of every topic present in the course, keeping that in mind you can give required time to the various topics present. For e.g. if the breakup says that just 1% of questions in your certification exams are going to appear about Chatter then that is exactly how much study time you should allot for that particular topic. Focus on the topics that carry a large weightage so as to be able to answer most of the questions correctly.

  • Study to pass:

Remember that out of 100% you need only 68% to pass. You get your result immediately which is the best part as you don’t have to pass weeks under stress pining to know your results. The other good thing about immediately knowing your result is that, if by some cruel twist of fate, you fail in the certification exam you can always immediately re-apply for a second chance. This way you have a good chance of rectifying the mistakes you made in the first try and also your preparation for the exam would be fresh in your mind.

  • Use of flashcards:

The exam guide is of a thousand pages and frankly speaking it needs a lot of time and dedication on the part of the person appearing for the exam to go through it. Some prefer referring to the guide book only but using Flashcards provided at sites like Cram and ProProfs is a much better option. When there is a topic which is confusing, you can always refer back to the guide, but the flashcards work as a no-man’s land where you can remember the outline of the answers to the questions instead of cramming everything in your head.

  • Multiple choice questions:

When you attempt your exams you will find that all the questions have multiple answers from which you are supposed to choose the right one. But before you submit your answers you have the option of reviewing them. You can make use of the Three Pass Approach where you can tick off the answers to the questions you are sure about. Then you can mark the rest as ‘Mark for Review’ and attempt them later. Once you have attempted all the questions to which you know the answers, allot time to the questions that you are not sure about and mark again the ones you don’t know for review again. Finally pass through the questionnaire one last time and give ample time to the questions left.

Attempt group studying. Sharing tips and strategies is always beneficial. And after you have aced the certification,rise up and meet the challenge of facing the corporate world with aplomb.

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