The Best Ways to Backup Your WordPress Website

So, you have just lost your WordPress website? Possibly, your site has hacked by a malicious hacker. Perhaps your site just got down after installing a wrong theme, plugin, or add-on. However, all these things are scary, right? But, you can always get back your beloved website by having a backup. All you will need to do is hit restore button, and you will get your WordPress website again.In this post, you will learn the step-by-step process of backing up your WordPress website.

You can create a backup of your WordPress website by following three easy processes, let’s find out how:

  1. Backup Your WordPress Site via cPanel

It is easy to get the backup of your site using cPanel; here’s the procedure:

  • Just, Login to your host and go to cPanel. In the most web hosts, you will navigate to cPanel when you login.
  •  Go to the File Manager that will make you go to Home directory or public_html.
  •  Here, you will need to find your WordPress directory (folder) that you want to backup.
  •  Unfortunately, you can’t download the folder without compressing it.
  •  Now, right click on the folder and select Compress in the drop-down list that appears.
  • Here, you will need to choose the type of compression i.e. ZIP, Tar, GZIP, etc. from the box that appears. Most users prefer to choose a ZIP archive.
  • Now click on the Compress File(s) button and let the process to run. The server will store your compressed folder.
  •  Click on the archive you just generated and click on Download from the menu bar.
  • Now, you can choose a safe location on your hard disk and store your backup, and you have done backing up your website.

Tip to remember: You should upload the backup of your site to your Google Drive, Dropbox account, as well as burn it to a DVD etc. Make sure you have different copies to assure you don’t lose your website.

  1. Backing up Your WordPress Files using FTP

You can go with the FileZilla as it’s easy to use and lightweight for getting the backup of your site while using FTP. All you need to do is log into your server and navigate to your WordPress directory, and download the files to your PC. You must have an FTP account which you will need to set up in your cPanel.

  1. Best WordPress Backup Plugins

You can also find a wide range of plugins that can provide you with ease to create dependable backups of your WordPress powered website. All you need to do is install your preferred WordPress backup plugin, configure some settings and you are ready to get a backup of your website.

  •  Duplicator Free WordPress Plugin

This is one of the most popular WordPress plugins preferred by the most users. It helps you to create a duplicate copy of your website to another location in the easiest way. With this plugin, you don’t even need to schedule backup, it will automatically drop your database to an SQL file and store it in a ZIP archive with your all files.It generates a PHP file that will help you reinstall the backup in the easiest way. Just upload the PHP file and ZIP archive to your server, and you will have a backup of your website.

  •  BackWPup Free WordPress Plugin

BackWPup is the most popular WordPress backup plugin that helps you to get a complete backup of your WordPress website, as well as store the same on the external devices i.e.  Amazon S3, Dropbox, and RackSpace Cloud.You can even schedule the backups of your entire files and WordPress. Moreover, you can check and optimize your database anytime.

By following all these ways, you can create a backup of your WordPress website and rest easy especially when the critical things happen. You can choose any one way all according to your needs and preferences.


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