Creating Wikipedia Page: Is There any SEO Benefit?

We’ve been hearing this name for quite a long time. Wikipedia! Our reliable friend that always has answers for our science assignments. Wikipedia is a free, open encyclopedia where you can search for anything and anyone. You name it She has it! But growing up you’ll find that it’s more than just science assignments.’Wiki’ holds a major role in promotion of a product or a company. Just create an account and register with Wikipedia in turn create an article for publication. The name wiki came from a server program which enabled anyone to edit website content through their own browser. So as the Wikipedia too. Wikipedia enables anyone to edit the contents that have been written or published by anyone about anything without registration. Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia however does not hire any content writers to create posts like traditional encyclopedia does. If used effectively this can boost up your online presence and reputation throughout the world. Wikipedia being the top – 10 among the well visited and trusted websites of all time, has it’s own reputation and dignity and stand alone quality. As there are two faces for a coin ,there are both pros and cons open for this method.

Let’s start with the pros first!

As said earlier proper use of Wikipedia can be a boon for the companies.Being an inevitable contributor in the SEO Strategies, it lends credibility to your organization. Today’s generation, especially researches about companies before they intend to do any business with them.If not in Wikipedia they are considered not to be existed. Wikipedia helps in maintaining a good reputation too. The perfect ‘class’ or ‘blink’ factor that everyone runs behind will be provided with a page in Wikipedia.

This also offers providing you a great visibility. Actually enhancing your visibility is the right word to be used.Wikipedia provides solid and reliable results about your company when your company name is searched. Linking your official webpage on the Wikipedia page will in turn create a massive amount of traffic for your website. Linking a Wiki page will also give that class factor mentioned earlier.

It has nowadays been a custom to check out or examine about you on Wikipedia. Wikipedia for business can help you grow your business  in a pretty deemed way. As stand alone reputation being a major quality of Wikipedia can boost your search engine results. Let me explain. If you search for anything Wiki link will be in the to 10 list anyhow. So if anyone searches for your company in Google, seeing the result in Wiki will raise up your own status on the web. This can also contain important and significant links that can be used for the extension or promotion of your business. The level of prestige and authenticity it gives can never be given by any other sites on the web.

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The Cons

As I mentioned the term Wiki was of a server which allowed editing irrespective to whether a person is registered or not. So this means any one can tamper your article about your company. Proper monitoring on the pages are necessary to find out these. The best online marketing companies does have a dedicated department for frequently monitoring the wiki pages. The visibility and exposure which comes with Wikipedia will leave no room for errors for you. If does occur it will directly reflect on your wiki page and in turn tamper the reputation you stacked up. The scams and corruption you might accidentally fall into will be shown in the Wiki page which really breaks down your credibility.

The reason why we need Wikipedia page is that the Wikipedia result is given first priority by Google. Why is this? The reasons are as follows

  • Wikipedia has unique and in-depth content
  • Targeted webpages for key terms are relevant.
  • It has very strong domain authority
  • It has great internal linking structure
  • It has excellent page authority

After knowing the pros and cons, let’s now discuss how to become a respected Wikipedian to create your page:

  1. The first step to build your page for Wikipedia, you need to gain some place in Wikipedia as a regular contributor.
  2. Don’t make changing same edit that other revert back.
  3. Keep track of articles that are related to you. Do edit if that really makes a worth.
  4. Don’ add external links that are not authentic and need a registration.
  5. Make good relationship with Wikipedia other editors and contributors
  6. After investing a year and so, then write a page for your website or company. This will make some sense that your page don’t get deleted.

If you want to opt for a shortcut, then you need to contact some respectable Wikipedian that has a good reputation and convince him to write about your company or website page.


As for the conclusion, creating a Wiki page can definitely boost your SEO but without proper monitoring and proper management you could end up digging your grave itself.

What do you think? Would you want a Wikipedia page for your company?

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