Why Should People Consider Buying An Iphone

Modern era is the example of the Smartphone and iphone is the best example technology which depicts the world is shrinking in the iphone. The iphone has changed the world and add stars to the status of the people. The iphone is the impressive Smartphone with the hundred of feature and ultimate design to attract the lots of people. They run on the Apple’s IOS mobile operating system and the first generation iphone released in 2007 and the latest version is iphone7 with the latest technology along with the most advance feature.

In the US, Iphone hold the largest market of mobile and it has release the ten generation models. The first five generation iphone has the 9cm crystal display with touch screen. Latest iphone have the six sensors which is used to adjust the screen based on the operating condition, enabled motion controlled games. Proximity sensor deactivates the display and touch screen when brought near the face during the calling, ambient light sensor adjust the brightness and save the charging of battery. The iphone has internal rechargeable inside lithium-ion battery just like as iPod and laptop.

Feature of the iphone:

  • Ultimate design– The iphone7 and 7plus got the most attractive design with the multicolor availability. The camera bump is now carved out with the aluminum with the slim body ever.
  • Power– A10 powerful chip ever in any Smartphone including two high performance cores that that run faster than A9 chip. These are also the new six-core GPU that is 50% faster than A9 and it consume the same power.
  • Display– Apple’s updated the retina HD display brighter then the screen and still has the 3D touch and enhanced the color management as well.
  • Storage – Apple’s doubled the storage and base model include the 32GB storage capacity, middle model has the 128GB and top model has the 256GB ever in the Smartphone.
  • Battery life– YThe latest version of the iphone got the 2 hour longer as compared to the iphone6.
  • Camera
  1. Optical image stabilization
  2. f/1.8
  3. 6-elements lens
  4. 60% faster and 30% more energy efficient along with the 12 megapixel sensor
  5. Quad- LED true tone flash
  6. 7 megapixel front facing camera
  • New home button– the iphone7 and 7plus has the new home button updated with the force touch support and new Taptic engine.
  • New color- the Apple does will keep the color gold, silver and rose gold and space gray is no more. There is new black color mixed with the darker gray color.
  • Water and dust resistance– the new version of the iphone has the protection against water and dust.
  • Audio– lightning Ear Pods replace the old model and there will be lightning mini photo adapter included in the box. There are stereo speaker in the new iphone with 50% louder than the old one.
  • New wireless technology– with the help of the new wireless technology that will allow connection to the devices other than apple.

Advantage of the iphone:

  • Better hardware and software integration- the iphone has the far better hardware and software as compared to the android. The 3D touch screen is smart enough to sense the pressure which allows the user to take quick action from home screen just by long pressing on app icon. Taptic engine allow super efficiency to the iphone
  • Live photo- the latest version of the iphone got the facility of capturing the live photo and allows the same time to share with the friends. You can play back and see the photo and video just long pressing on the screen.
  • Update the operating system when you want to- nowadays we can see most of the mobile using the OS and iphone has special feature to development operating system.
  • Excellent camera- with the generation every new iphone Apple increasing the feature of camera with more pixels both front facing and back one. The quality of the picture and images are more clear and crystal.
  • Storage- the new iphone7 and 7plus got the storage of 256GB capacity. You can even your data on cloud and so to get the best storage, you can compare and choose among bluehost vs hostgator.
  • New wireless technology- with the advent of iphone 7 got the facility that allows connection to the other than apple.
  • New color- the new iphone has the special feature of black dark color mixed with the dark gray color.
  • New home button- the new iphone 7 has the facility of new home button with the force touch support and new taptic engine.
  • Quick and easy to use- the iphone has the simple layout everything given in simple symbol and name, it is easy to add email account and change the key setting too.
  • Water and dust resistance- with the advent of iphone7 people have the facility protection against the water and dust.

So these are some of the advantage and feature available in the iphone which provide the user to easy access to the feature of the iphone.


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