Snapdeal was forced to sell Apple Iphone 5s for Rs 68 to a college student! Just Unbelievable

Nikhil Bansal, a student from Punjabi University, Patiala has managed to get Iphone 5s for cheapest rate ever. Like most of the people, he was searching Snapdeal a few days prior and much to his interest, he found that the Apple iPhone 5s was listed for the price of Rs 68. Actually, this was a mistake from the retailer as the original price of smartphone is between Rs 21,700 to Rs 38,500 depending on the capacity variations and color.

Bansal has proceed with the purchase on the 12th of February, but he didn’t got any response from Snapdeal regarding his order. He was awaited for few days but the order got canceled and he choose not to be silent. So, he took the support of a consumer court in the Sangrur District, Punjab.

He claimed that Snapdeal didn’t proceed with its guarantee and requested equity. Accordingly, the court requested Snapdeal to offer the iPhone 5s mobile for Rs 68 to the Bansal and even slapped a Rs 2,000 punishment on Snapdeal.
Actually, the retailer challenged this decision in another consumer forum, where it got a difficulty again with the court requesting them to pay a punishment of Rs 10,000, viably bringing the entire scene to an end.
This demonstrates e-commerce retailers need to tread lightly with regards to buyers. Any misstep could prompt circumstances like these. It is trusted this serves as a point of reference to upgrade quality of services offered by some of e-commerce websites. Concerning Nikhil Bansal, well he’s currently the glad (and legitimate) owner of an Apple iPhone 5s which he got with a 99.7% rebate.


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